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Eco-Terrorists Attack Helpless Klimt Painting In Austrian Museum

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An eco-terrorist cult that calls itself Letzte Generation Österreich (Last Generation Austria) filmed an attack by cult members on a painting in the Leopold Museum in Vienna on Tuesday in protest of life-saving fossil fuels.

The painting was displayed under a clear protective barrier.

A male cult member was seen smearing what appears to be black oil on the protective barrier over the painting Death and Life by Gustav Klimt while another male cult member glued his hand to the barrier. [emphasis, links added]

A museum staff member intervened in the attack, restraining the man who smeared the painting.

This is the latest attack on art by eco-terrorist cult members who have defaced paintings in museums in England, Germany, Italy, and Australia.

Last Generation Austria photos and video of the attack:

“URGE: Klimt’s “Death and Life” in the Leopold Museum covered in oil. People of the last generation poured oil on the Klimt painting “Death and Life” in the Leopold Museum today. New oil and gas wells are a death sentence for humanity.”

“We need immediate measures against #ClimateBreakdown NOW. Lowering the speed limit to 100km/h on highways costs nothing to implement, saves 460 million tons of CO2 per year in #Austria alone, and leads to less noise, better air quality, and safer roads. What are we waiting for?”

Excerpts from the report by the Austria Press Agency via translation:

…While the restoration team gave the all-clear regarding the picture, the damage to the glass and safety frame, as well as the wall and floor, was “evident and significant.” Hans-Peter Wipplinger, director of the Leopold Museum, described the concerns of the climate activists as justified, “but the attack on works of art is definitely the wrong way to achieve the targeted goal of preventing the predicted climate collapse”. Museums are preserving institutions and a prime example of sustainability. He appealed to the “last generation” to find other ways of making their concerns known.

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