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Morano On The COP27 Crazies — ‘Gore Has Upped The Money Game’

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CFACT’s Marc Morano joined Mark Steyn on GB News to discuss the latest money grab by the eco-mob at COP27.

Morano: “Al Gore went beyond billions, tens of billions, he’s now talking four trillion dollars annually and he doesn’t even want it from governments.

He wants some kind of corporate spending on climate. Al Gore has upped the money game as I’ve never seen in the history of all these climate summits.

Morano added: “This idea of Net Zero — there has to be a narrative change and it has to come from all the parties, at least the so-called conservative parties in Europe, and it’s got to come from Republicans in the United States, we’ve got to abolish the idea that Net Zero is any kind of worthy goal.

“It is this destruction of humanity that will do nothing for the planet if, in fact, we face any kind of climate crisis — which we don’t. So that’s my screaming message here.

“Because otherwise, we have people here warning of ecocide here. We have the climate tipping-point clocks here. This is a bonkers summit that we’ve allowed too much credit and they’re getting more and more power.

The full segment was broadcast live from the Egypt UN conference center. WATCH:

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