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News about Climate Change and our Planet

Month: November 2022

Biden Promises Protections for Nevada’s Spirit Mountain

WASHINGTON — President Biden pledged Wednesday that he would preserve the Spirit Mountain area in southern Nevada, which contains some of the most biologically diverse and culturally significant lands in the Mojave Desert. “I’m committed to protecting this sacred place…

U. S. to Pay Millions to Move Tribes Threatened by Climate Change

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration will give three Native tribes $75 million to move away from coastal areas or rivers, one of the nation’s largest efforts to date to relocate communities that are facing an urgent threat from climate change….

Enhancement of river flooding due to global warming | Scientific Reports –

Extreme weather events (e.g., heavy precipitation and flooding) can have devastating effects on human society and the environment. Heavy precipitation events, a major contributor to flooding, have increased in recent years, especially in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, due…

‘Every action matters’: Episcopal delegation recaps participation in COP27 climate summit – Episcopal News Service

California Bishop Marc Andrus speaks in a Nov. 30 webinar about the Episcopal engagement with the COP27 climate summit. [Episcopal News Service] United Nations member states ended the recent COP27 climate summit with an agreement to offer financial assistance to…

Banking Regulators Take Critical Steps to Account for Climate-Related Financial Risks

(This piece was co-authored by Bridget Pals at NYU Law School’s Institute for Policy Integrity. It is also posted on the Institute for Policy Integrity’s website) This fall, following a summer when climate change fueled catastrophic heat waves, droughts, floods, and fires, key U.S. authorities acknowledged the urgent need to act on climate risks to […]

Mo Ibrahim on impact of climate change in Africa and global COP27 talks – The Washington Post

Register for the program here. The debate over how wealthy countries can aid developing nations cope with the effects of global warming was center stage at the recent COP27 talks in Egypt. On Monday, Dec. 5 at 11:00 a.m. ET,…

Sen. Kennedy Invents A New Word To Describe Biden’s Energy Policy

Amid President Biden and his administration’s war on cheap and reliable American energy, the inexplicable decision to make a deal with Venezuela to allow oil to be drilled there and sent to the United States — despite the fact that…

Researchers Use Magnets to Remove Microplastics From Water

Researchers at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) have discovered a way to use magnetic materials to quickly and affordably remove microplastics from water. The findings show the materials work to remove plastic particles 1,000 times smaller than plastics currently detectable in existing water treatment plants. The team developed an adsorbent from nanomaterials, including […]

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¿Vándalo o visitante? Los museos de arte batallan para distinguir

LONDRES — Para Hans-Peter Wipplinger, el director del Museo Leopold, las últimas semanas han sido complejas. Conforme los activistas ambientales en toda Europa han intensificado sus ataques contra el arte, Wipplinger tomó medidas para proteger su renombrada colección, que incluye…

Bangladesh Farmers Digging Simple Wells Have Created an Irrigation Wonder–With Rice Overflowing

Over the last 40 years, small-holder farmers in Bangladesh have, using very simple methods, turned the dry Bengal Basin into one of the richest croplands on Earth where two to three rice harvests can be had per year. They created a climate-resilient water system dubbed “The Bengal Water Machine” that has kept an underground reservoir […]

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