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Global Warming on a 360-Degree View – EIN News

Global Warming: Can It Be Stopped? the Science, Psychology, and Morality of Climate Change

Dive Beyond the Science of Global Warming in New Book “Global Warming: Can It Be Stopped?”

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 27, 2022 / — The million-dollar question is still left unanswered: With all the technology, power, abilities, and resources our world has, can we truly stop the adverse ill-effects of global warming?

A new book brings fresh perspectives to the issue of Global Warming through an in-depth analysis of the cause and effects of global warming – including the issue of morality and spirituality as two aspects that affect the global phenomenon.

“Global Warming: Can It Be Stopped? The Science, Psychology, and Morality of Climate Change” is a book that aims to bring readers to a whole new perspective of the issue by peeking through a 360-degree view of the issue and how it can possibly be addressed.

The book teaches readers beyond the usual and popular beliefs of this global phenomenon through a totally different lens.

“Science tells us global warming is real, but too many people are living their lives as though we have an eternity to address the impending global crises,” Author Dr. Paul E. Robinson states.
“Even the COVID-19 pandemic has failed to get the world to grasp that it is best to address a serious threat to our health and well-being sooner rather than later. The time to act is now – not when the problem is practically irreversible,” Robinson writes.

Paul Robinson is a Ph.D., a psychologist and former science teacher who explores the science of global warming in a question-and-answer format that anyone can understand.

Questions such as “How do scientists collect data on global warming and is it reliable?” or “How hot is the Earth becoming” or “What is causing the Earth to warm?” are some of the questions that the book answers and expounds.

Best of all, Robinson also explores the psychological and moral substrates of the problem, recognizing that facts do not always change people’s minds. He makes the case that global warming is a moral and spiritual issue.

Robinson cares deeply about the future of Earth and the quality of life for future generations. As a psychologist and a former science teacher, he believes that changing the perspective to the issues of global warming and climate change can help eradicate this growing problem.

“Global Warming: Can It Be Stopped?” is now available on Amazon and other leading digital bookstores worldwide.

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