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CO2 Is Plant Food, Not Pollution

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When the establishment can’t or refuses to understand the difference between plant food and pollution, ordinary folk have a big problem. Moreover, the “problem” is a political tool used to control people.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is essential to life. Below 140 ppm, life on our unique planet would collapse. [bold, links added]

The issue has been the hype that molecules of CO2 emitted by modern industrial society can wreak havoc upon the Earth’s weather and climate.

However, there is no evidence that variations in atmospheric concentrations cause climate change.

The Vostok ice core records some 400,000 years of real climate change, and the observation is that there is little correlation and no causation. If anything, the record shows that warming leads to more CO2.

The other problem has been the unrelenting intrusion upon freedom accompanied by tax grabbing using any fear bureaucrats can invent: climate and COVID.

Beyond the lack of evidence, the real problem has been to ignore that CO2 is the essential plant food and without plants, all life would end. This makes the trace gas a necessity not a pollutant.

And geologically at some 400 ppm, the atmospheric concentration is unusually low. At less than 150 ppm, life as we enjoy it will begin to shut down.

Clearly, the misunderstanding between food and pollution has been a promotion by the ambitious establishment to change our lives from freedom to coercion. On, regrettably, another great experiment in authoritarian government run by “expert” central planners.

Such experiments have been promoted using inspiring banners such as the hammer and sickle or a party name. Over the past forty years, what really has been the difference between Republicans and Democrats?

During either watch, the bureaucratic and administrative state continued its bullying. To cut through the political salesmanship physics provides a definition of authoritarian:

“That which is not compulsory is prohibited”, which elegantly describes everything from Communism to today’s radical school boards.

And a definition from the old and highly speculative Vancouver Stock Exchange provides an equally elegant description of a promotion:

“In the beginning, the promoter has the vision, and the public has the money. At the end of the promotion, the public has the vision, and the promoter has the money.”

And in the promotions from “Global Cooling” to “Global Warming” to now “Global Hysteria” the amount of money has been without precedent.

Trillions of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars pay for central planners’ lifestyles, as well their grand conventions. It is understood that “Cooling” could not be blamed upon society and couldn’t be promoted to extort a living.

The next is the word definition is the chemistry of photosynthesis that turns a condemned pollutant into life.

Clearly, the more carbon dioxide goes in, the more food and oxygen come out. And it has been so since the first micro-critters appeared a few billion years ago.

Hot rocks gave us CO2, and photosynthesis gave us oxygen and life. The identification of photosynthesis is, itself, interesting.

Mattheus Van Helmond, in the 1630s, was a dedicated observer and grew a willow tree under closed conditions. After five years, he found that the tree had gained 164 pounds, but the box of soil had only lost 2 pounds.

He argued that the increase had been due to water. Then, one could not imagine a substance coming from the air. But those limbs and roots, trunk and bark came from somewhere.

It was in the 1750s when Joseph Black first identified carbon dioxide. Calling it “fixed air”, he observed how it could turn into calcium carbonate.

Unknown until much later, this has been the process whereby carbon dioxide has been sequestered into literal mountains of CO2-based rock.

This is covered in another piece CO2 Rocks!

h/t Alan S.

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