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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Judgement still out on cause of global warming – Fort Bend Herald

I once heard a politician say that all arguments in Washington, D.C. are about one thing — the difference between more government intervention into our lives and personal liberty, including freedom from government.

That politician’s insight comes to mind whenever I think or read about climate change.

If you listen to or read some of the mainstream media or listen to the hysterics from our left-leaning politicians you’d think we are all going to spontaneously combust if we don’t start driving electric cars immediately. Some officials would tax and govern our carbon footprints.

Of course taxing us for our carbon production is silly when China’s total energy-related emissions are twice those of the U.S. and nearly one-third of all emissions globally.

Scientists first identified the greenhouse effect of certain gases in the atmosphere in the 1850s, also discovering that without these gases trapping heat from the sun, our planet would be about 59 degrees Fahrenheit cooler. These greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxides, and water vapor. Water vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas and responsible for about half of the greenhouse effect.

But for the climate change alarmists, it is carbon dioxide that is the number one villain.

Carbon dioxide amounts to about 400 parts per million of the earth’s atmosphere (.0004). Of that amount, it is estimated that mankind contributes about 5% from running our cars, electric plants and factories, which are all burning fossil fuels. The other 95% comes from natural sources, like termites and volcanoes.

Ivar Giaever, a Nobel Prize winner in physics, claims that climate change orthodoxy has become a “new religion” for some scientists, and that the data isn’t nearly as compelling as it should be to get the kind of conformity that is claimed.

But I think the uniformity has come out of fear of being called a “denier,” and the climate advocates have drummed more than a few professors out of academia because of their dissenting views. The message is that if you want to keep your job (and get government grants), you had better be on the right side of the climate argument.

It may be simplistic to say “the climate has always changed,” but history shows some extremes in climate in history with the Medieval Warm Period, a 300-year timespan of higher-than-normal temperatures, which was followed by The Little Ice Age, a period of cooling lasting 550 years.

It was during the Little Ice Age, that we had a year known as a Year Without a Summer, where there were freezing temperatures in Albany, New York in July.

In a 1998 study, researchers showed that the global climate naturally goes through cycles of warming and cooling.

The study focused on a part of Africa where a heat wave moved across and stayed for 2,000 years.

Scientists found that the waters of a glacier-fed lake in a mountainous region of Kenya warmed some seven degrees between 350 BC and 450 AD.

They were able to determine the warming by studying oxygen isotopes in fossils at the spot. It seems that some of the oxygen isotopes disappear as the water warms.


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