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Month: October 2022


What’s All the Buzz About Pyrolysis for Recycling Plastic?

There’s been a lot of talk about pyrolysis being the solution to the plastics recycling problem. Is this method the solution that some experts believe it will be? What is all the buzz about?There are Problems With Plastics RecyclingBefore you even get into the purpose of pyrolysis, you have to look at the current problems […]

Can Insects Survive the Temperature Swings of Climate Change? – Northeastern University

The swings in temperature that accompany global warming could spell trouble for insect populations the world relies on for pollination and food production.  A paper led by Northeastern doctoral student Kate Duffy and published in an October edition of Nature…

Biden Seems To Think The Diesel Disaster Will Magically Fix Itself

Critics of the previous administration were never shy about lobbing accusations involving “Big Oil.” Donald Trump was their puppet, according to the narrative. Yet, nearly two years after he left office, the news headlines are dominated by the energy crisis….

Free, Sustainable Home Repair Resources for Low-Income Households

Sustainability is for everyone. But unfortunately, inequalities and financial disparities are keeping the sustainable movement at a slow-moving pace. Research shows that low-income individuals and families could benefit the most from energy efficiency upgrades. That’s because these households are more likely to be living in unhealthy, less efficient housing environments.1 As a result, these households […]

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UK Trapped In A Green-Energy Cul-De-Sac

Often I have referred to the situation that the UK, Germany, California, and others have set themselves up for as “hitting the green energy wall.” But now that the UK has actually gotten there and has begun to deal with…

Stunning Ancient Artwork Found at Site Sacked by ISIS –Assyrian War Plans Not Seen For 2,600 Years

In April, archeologists working in the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh which had been destroyed by the Islamic State, uncovered a pulse-quickening discovery—a sealed gateway unknown in any previous excavations or surveys of the site. Carefully opening the door, the archeologists’ eyes fell on a hallway lined with dust that had not been disturbed for […]

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COP27 climate summit to test resolve of world battling war, inflation – Reuters

Many of the biggest players distracted by crises Global greenhouse gas emissions still rising Floods, droughts, heatwaves taking toll around world ‘Not on track on anything’ says Egypt’s negotiator Oct 31 (Reuters) – An international climate summit starting next week…

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