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Global Warming and Climate Change – Brighter Kashmir

Global warming and climate change are the burning problems facing the world today .Global warming and climate change concerns all of us including scientists, environmentalists. Sociologists and the governments across the world .We must take sincere steps to reduce the adverse effects of the global warming .Frequent changes in the climate and the much colder winters and acute warmer summers are the bye products of the global warming and we should be ready to face the climatic changes because of the global warming .We as the responsible citizens should do nothing which leads to global warming .Global warming is an undesirable climatic phenomena which has adverse bearing not only upon the lives of the people but on all living things and so people should desist to contribute towards the global warming .However it has been seen that if is the man who is responsible for the global warming as his uncontrolled felling of the green gold that is the trees and the emission of the gasses plays spoil sport and contributes towards the global warming .

Global warming takes place due to the increase in the temperatures throughout the world leads to high winds ,floods ,burning of woods ,droughts ,and the danger of the hot waves in the different parts of the world. Global warming is the phenomenon of increasing average air temperatures near the surface of the earth from the last one or two centuries .In hot temperature the atmosphere creates more water and it results in torrential and dangerous rains .Climate scientists have since mid-2Oth century gathered detailed observation of various weather phenomena such as temperatures ,precipitation ,and storms and of related influences on climate such as ocean currents and the atmospheric chemical composition .These data indicate that the earths climate has changed over the time span .Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide and other air pollutants collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar heat .In fact global warming is the gradual rise in the earth’s temperature caused by high levels of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere .The winters in Britain are predicted to become wetter ,not drier, with global warming .
So global warming is the increase in the average temperatures worldwide believed to be caused by the green house effect. Thus it is slight but continuing increase in the temperature of the lower atmosphere, usually attributed to an intensifying of the green house effect that could lead to harmful climatic conditions .The harmful effects of global warming are various.1,Large volumes of methane under the froze tundars of northern latitude is releasing into atmosphere as global warming causing the ice to melt.2-It leads to increase in temperatures of atmosphere resulting in coastal places flooded with melt waters.3-Global warming leads to erratic rains which cause greater imbalances causing droughts and floods.4-Global warming results in climate change which causes highly climatic sensitive diseases like malaria ,dengue ,malnutrition ,and diarrhoeal diseases, etc. To reduce these effects we should channelize household waste into manure like vermicompost .We should also plant more trees at school ,our houses and empty places in villages .People should use public transport for longer distances and cycle for shorter distances .We should initiate the use of eco-friendly electronic and solar equipment .The effects of global warming are expected to be far reaching and in many cases devastating .
The global warming is the gradual heating of the earth’s surface ,oceans ,and atmosphere which is caused by human activity , primarily the burning of fossil fuels that pump carbon dioxide, methane and other green house gases into atmosphere .The consequences and effects of global warming are measurable and visible on planet .We can observe this happening in real time in many places .Josef Werne a professor of geology and environmental science at the university of Pittsburgh told Live Science,’’ ice is melting in both polar ice caps and mountain glaciers .Lakes around the world , including Lake Superior, are warming rapidly –in some cases faster than the surrounding environment .Animals are changing migration patterns and plants are changing dates of activity’’, such as trees budding their leaves earlier in spring and dropping them later in the fall .
One of the most immediate and obvious consequences of global warming is the increase in the temperatures around the world .The average global temperature has increased by about 1.4 degree Fahrenheit that is 0.8 degree Celsius over the past hundred years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—NOAA .Since record keeping began in 1895, the hottest year on record was 2016, according to NOAA and NASA data .That year earth’s surface temperature was 1.78 degrees H that is 0.99 degrees C warmer than average across the entire 20th century .Before 2016 ,2015 was the warmest year on record globally .Thus it is obvious that global warming produces adverse effects upon the all living beings and all living things .The world should cooperate to fight the problem of global warming so that its harmful effects are checked and they have very less impact upon the human beings .The world governments should jointly control the adverse effects of the global warming and for this more and more trees should be planted and it should be ensured that less carbon dioxide gas and methane gas is formed which leads to increase in the green house and this results in increase in the temperatures .
On April 4,2022,the IPCC released the working group 111 Sixth Assessment Report on climate change mitigation .The report describes how despite gains in clean energy revolution , nations are falling too short of reducing climate pollution quickly enough to avoid severe damage ,cost ,and upheaval .The good news is that we have climate solutions needed and they work says NRDC president Manish Bapna .For our economic and national security and for the future of all life on earth , law makers must act without delay .Leaders at the city ,state and federal levels and nations around the world are upping their game in fight against climate change .But it is important to remember the equally vital contribution that can made by private citizens .Change only happens when individuals take action .Carbon dioxide is the climates worst enemy .It is released by burning fossil fuels and charcoals and so the best way to fight the global warming is that the level of the carbon dioxide gas and methane gas should be reduced and this can be done by planting more and more trees and by reducing the emissions from the industries and transport .So less and less of transport should be used and eco- friendly transport should be put to maximum use .Healing the planet from the global warming starts from your garage ,your kitchen ,and at your dining room table .As already said carbon dioxide is the climates worst enemy .It is released when oil ,coal and other fossil fuels are burned for energy –the energy we use to power our homes ,cars ,and smart phones .By using less of it we can curb our own contribution to climate change while also saving our money .Although people tend to use these terms of global warming and climate change interchangeably global warming is just one aspect of the climate change .
Global warming refers to the rise in global temperature due mainly to increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere .Climate change refers to increasing changes in measures of climate over a long period of time-including precipitation ,temperature and wind patterns .You have probably heard our planet is in trouble –glaciers are melting ,sea levels are rising ,and wildfires ,hurricanes and heat waves are becoming more and more severe .For fighting global warming we should not use polythene bags ,plastic straws and we should use reusable bags .A large chunk of our worlds emissions can be traced back to a few main sources –cars ,electricity ,coal and oil producers ,carbon dioxide ,methane and US citizens .To stop global warming we should focus on these things and try to control the greenhouse gases. In fact it is necessary to try to control greenhouse gases and thus to fight global warming .In the ultimate analysis it is the man himself who can contribute to reduce the impact of global warming so that the earth becomes worthy for the living of not only us but of the future generations also and for this let us start from our homes and work places and contribute in our small way to control global warming because all great things have the small beginnings .In short all of us including our governments should play their role and part in curbing the greenhouse gases so that global warming is kept under control.



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