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Calif. Officials Plan To Ban Diesel Trucks Because They’re Racist

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The liberal police are yelling “racist” once again, but this time it’s about trucks.

According to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), clean air is racist.

Pollution? Racist as well. [bold, links added]

(CARB) stated that the state is considering new regulations to ban the sale of all diesel semi-trucks by 2040 to fight climate change and to amend a history of “racist” practice.

CARB believes that the large freight trucks should be banned because the diesel emissions that are excreted from them “disproportionately affect low-income and minority communities due to racist zoning policies.

This is yet just another example of Democrats playing the race card.

Not only that, they are ignoring the downsides to the economic loss by implementing the new rules.

Decades of racist and classist practices, including redlining and siting decisions, have concentrated heavy-duty vehicle and freight activities in these communities, with concomitant disproportionate pollution burdens… CARB has legal and moral obligations to lessen these burdens,” the regulators stated.

CARB also claimed that Black and Latino communities are most at harm since the trucks give off a significant amount of pollution.

“Black and Latino populations experiencing significantly greater air pollution impacts than white populations,” CARB said, adding that “communities in and around ports move much of the nation’s freight, and so experience pollution on a national scale in their neighborhoods.”

The proposal would require medium and heavy-duty trucks that enter ports and rail yards to be fully electric by the year 2035, as well as state and local government vehicle fleets to go fully electric by 2027.

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