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I repeatedly ask a simple question on global warming and have never received an answer from a single eco-loon. In 1988 Al Gore stated in Congress under oath that we had 10 years to solve the global warming crisis or the world will die. So why does the world still exist?

In fact, nobody, including the local “experts” on climate, will answer that question. So I am going to answer it. It’s the question that debunks this worldwide scam.

But before I do, pay attention to what is happening in Europe this winter. Europe is about a decade ahead of America in this scam. People will freeze to death. The middle class will be financially crushed. Current estimates are that 30 percent of their take-home salaries will go to energy on top of the soaring prices for everything. Everything that is and will happen in Europe is coming here.

The recent events in California highlight everything I have said about Green Garbage. California is about 30% green and they just found out that you really do need massive battery capacity and a conventional back-up source of energy to maintain just their current energy needs.

I can fill multiple issues of The Sun with titles and links to legitimate scientific data debunking global warming. In my opinion, the local eco-loons couldn’t find their rear end in the shower, let alone real scientific date debunking global warming.

Al Gore is the global guru of Greenhouse gases. He is recognized as an authority on climate change. In addition to stating in a 1988 congressional committee that we had 10 years to solve the climate problem, Gore has repeatedly stated that the “science is settled.” These statements have been regurgitated ad nauseam by the local vocal eco-loons. He also stated that a consensus (NOT A MAJORITY) of 800 people at a conference agreed with him on climate change. And note that Gore never tells you exactly how big this consensus was.

Gore’s statements are the cornerstone of the entire eco-scam and the drive force for the eco-loons, agenda-driven zealots that couldn’t connect two dots the size of the moon that were a half-inch part.

Here’s the answer to “The Question”.

If everything Al Gore has been spewing on global warming for 34 years is “true” and based on “settled science” and “a consensus,” then there is the only answer to “The Question.” And the answer is that global warming is 100% junk science. Why? Because the world still exists, therefore Al Gore’s settled science is obviously blatantly wrong. And a MARORITY of people at the conference for one reason or another agrees with me!

Here’s something that is 100% accurate. Global warming is a one-way ticket to poverty for the middle class. Bill Gates let the cat out of the bag in an interview when asked about his extravagant lifestyle verses his climate activism. He said, “I pay for that.” Exactly! It’s poverty for thee but not for me.

Phil Gingerella



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