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Inflation Reduction Act won’t much affect warming

The AP doesn’t want you to know that the Inflation Reduction Act will have very little effect on global warming.

You have probably read that by 2030, CO2 emissions will be 40% lower than those in 2005.

They didn’t tell you that without this law CO2 emissions would have been 30% lower than those in 2005.

This is primarily due to natural gas replacing coal. The actual reduction is probably closer to 37%.

The news fails to mention how much this additional 7% reduction will affect global warming. If the law expires in 2030, it will decrease global warming one thousandth of a degree Fahrenheit by 2100. If it is extended through 2100, it will decrease global warming by three hundredths of a degree.

People are also reading…

The U.S. and the E.U. are bit players in global warming. The major contributors will be the Asian and African nations.

These nations will use cheap, reliable coal to get their citizens out of energy poverty.

Asia currently has 200 coal power plants under construction and 400 more on the drawing board. The historical average lifetime of a coal plant is 46 years. In the next two years, China and India are planning to increase their domestic coal production by a total of 700 million tons per year.

Virtue signaling by the U.S. and the EU will not change this.

The big winner will be China, whose share in all the key manufacturing stages of solar panels exceeds 80%.

The subsidies for EVs and wind would be better spent for research and development on things like grid scale batteries, nuclear and carbon capture.

Frank Petranka

Stafford County


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