Spraying Earth’s poles with aerosol – the answer to global warming? – Energy Live News – Energy Made Easy

US boffins have proposed a method that could keep rising temperatures at bay.

It involves jets flying at very high altitudes, which would spray aerosol particles into the atmosphere – these, in turn, could shade the surface beneath, allowing the melting poles to refreeze.

This would then in theory, cool the planet and put a brake on global warming.

The idea was published in the journal Environmental Research Communications, led by Wake Smith, a lecturer at Yale University.

Aerosol particles are liquid droplets and are believed to play a significant role in the microphysics of clouds.

It’s not the first time that such stratospheric aerosol injection has been proposed to limit global warming.

The scientists say this particular method is predicted to cost $11 billion (£9.6bn) a year but it is cheaper than other climate mitigation practices.


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