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Did you ever wonder why the

advocates behind man-made CO2 causing the earth to warm stopped using the term “global warming?” It’s because their predictions didn’t pan out. According to their supporters and reports of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC), mankind’s greenhouse gases were supposed to cause a continuous rise in earth’s temperature to the year 2100 and beyond. It predicted such effects as the world’s glacial ice in Antarctica melting, etc.

But the term became politically unpopular after 2008 when just the opposite happened and a dramatic drop in the earth’s temperature was confirmed by monitoring stations. At the same time, there was a formal announcement of the end of global warming by the Space and Science Research Center in Orlando, Florida.

And then there was the big “Climategate” scandal revealing significant errors in the science behind the IPPC reports. Of course, that’s been denied and Wikipedia has been altered to correspond. But anyway, they switched to calling it “climate change” to blame mankind for any climate change.

However, Mike Squires is wrong in assuming that those who oppose their theory don’t believe that climate change is real. They know it is very real, but believe something much bigger than mankind is causing it, like the sun, moon, stars, and/or the earth’s core itself. Hmmm, maybe even God.

D. E. Winkelmann

Webster Groves


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