What’s the Status of FERC’s Proposed Global Warming Regs for Pipes? – Marcellus Drilling News

In February, three Democrat FERC commissioners voted to adopt onerous new regulations to use global warming considerations when approving (more like disapproving) pipeline projects (see FERC Democrats Ram Thru Global Warming Policy for Pipe Decisions). A month later, in the face of stiff opposition, the Dems backtracked and converted the new regs into “draft” mode, giving them time to figure out how to ram this through with less opposition (see FERC’s Glick Does “Abrupt About-Face” on New Global Warming Regs). One thing is for sure: This issue is not dead. The Dems will bring it back around, likely after the election. Where do things stand now? And what will happen when the onerous new regs are resurrected, as we know they will be?


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