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I applaud Michael Fansler (Mailbag, Aug. 26) for alerting readers to the World Climate Declaration (WCD) concerning climate change impact and its remedies. The following week’s Mailbag full of negative responses was predictable given the highly political nature of the issue. 

Unfortunately, those comments dismissed the WCD presentation outright, claiming that it was oil or fossil fuel funded. Actually, it was funded by a professor who does not support the popular global warming theory which, in the eyes of the warmists, constitutes his production of misinformation. There were very few comments on the content of the WCD document itself. 

The climate change scientists who are proposing an alternative theory should expect and obtain fair treatment by the scientific review community. Unfortunately, the political scientists in today’s politics-driven environment deny peer review of scientific documents that hold any opinion different from their own.

Yes, the view of man-made global warming is political. Yes, much of it, especially the expensive remedies, are driven mostly by opinion. There is no such thing as “settled science” since science by definition is continually evolving and being tested. The popular meme that there is 97% agreement by all scientists on man-made global warming is totally misleading since the percentage applies only to research that has been “peer reviewed.”  

The scientist documenting an alternative point, however, is denied the opportunity to obtain peer review and is thus excluded from any measurement of the  percent agreement. These same climate change scientists whose views do not conform to the politically-agreed agenda encounter hiring limitations by universities and applied science businesses. 

Search the websites, read carefully, seek advice on all sides of the issue, weigh the options and then make your own conclusions. 

Jim Fritsch

Webster Groves


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