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Thank you for publishing the letters on global warming. According to the last scientific report, over the past 40 years the Arctic is warming at a rate of four times the rate of the temperature in the rest of the world. It has also been reported that most countries, especially the wealthiest (with a much larger carbon footprint), will not meet their goals of reducing green house gases. If this happens, mankind will face its greatest challenge since Homo sapiens first appeared tens of thousands of years ago.

We need the cooperation of every country in the world to reduce green house gases. This will require great sacrifice for all countries and individuals. They will have to be prudent and frugal because it will reduce their countries gross domestic product. The following changes will have to occur: (1) They will have to practice sustainability and recycle what is reusable; and (2) Smaller homes will have to be constructed. Childbirths have been going down in the last 45 years, but the square footage per home is up 50%. Homes could be built with livable basements that could be used during extreme temperature variations;  (3)Reduction in the use of fossil fuel. Fewer international flights and less use of private jets, especially by the leaders of both political parties. Curtailing our use of automobile travel until more electric vehicles can be produced. 

These are just a few examples of the many changes that will be required if we are going to prevent further global warming.

James S. Criscione 



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