Biden’s FERC Nominee Continues Biden’s Reign Of Energy Terror

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The Democrats’ aggressive push to criminalize various parts of the energy industry was further evidenced this week when states like California passed a rule making it illegal to purchase gasoline-fueled vehicles by 2035.

Even the Inflation Reduction Act passed by the Democrats and signed by President Joe Biden and the Democrats should have been named the Climate Change Obsession Act because of the billions of dollars being spent on making their carbon-neutral fantasy seem feasible. [bold, links added]

Federal funds and state and federal legislation are part of a broader scheme by the Democrats to force Americans to change their behavior when it comes to using fossil fuels.

They are also focused on nominating a parade of dangerous, anti-American energy nominees for top government jobs. The most recent of these nominees could end up doing the most damage to our already struggling economy.

In January 2021, Biden began his reign of energy terror by nominating Rep. Deb Haaland to serve as Interior Secretary. Her resume to that point included being one of the House sponsors of the Green New Deal, pledging to vote against all new ‘fossil fuel’ infrastructure, and stating that she was “wholeheartedly against fracking and drilling on public lands.”

Unfortunately, this time a politician kept their word. Since becoming Secretary, she oversaw Biden’s moratorium on oil and gas leasing on federal lands and has held just one offshore oil and gas lease sale, but only because she was compelled by the courts.

Next was Tracy Stone-Manning, the eco-terrorist conspirator nominated to oversee the nation’s public lands.

During her nomination fight, it became clear from past court documents and testimony that Stone-Manning sent a threatening, anonymous letter to authorities on behalf of “tree spikers”—who insert spikes in trees to injure loggers—and then spent years covering up their crimes.

Only when she was promised legal immunity did she cooperate with investigators. She now runs the agency that determines if energy companies receive leases to operate on federal lands.

Finally, there was Sarah Bloom Raskin’s nomination to the Fed. As the American people struggle with historically high inflation and energy prices, Raskin opposes ‘fossil fuels’ and argued that banks should stop investing in oil, gas, and coal companies.

Thankfully, the outcry from sensible Americans reached the halls of Congress, blocking her confirmation. We now need to do that again.

Then in May, President Biden nominated Richard Glick [pictured above] to continue serving as the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

This little-known commission is responsible for approving natural gas pipeline projects and for ensuring American energy is getting from point A to point B.

But earlier this year, Glick and his fellow Democratic commissioners tried to undercut that mission.

In February, Glick led the charge as FERC jammed through a new regulatory policy for natural gas infrastructure projects.

Under the new rule, any company looking to build a natural gas pipeline would have to account for all ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions while it’s being built and in operation.

This task is essentially impossible and would significantly delay, or stop entirely these important projects, creating an enormous burden on American energy companies and workers.

The bipartisan ire from Capitol Hill was swift and fierce.

Glick and his compatriots were made to explain why they sought to kill natural gas projects while the American people struggled to pay their heating bills.

The public shaming did the trick and Glick paused the regulation, likely with an eye toward his coming nomination fight.

Now that fight is upon us, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. You can bet that if Glick is confirmed to another full term at FERC, he will quickly resurrect his natural gas policy.

The Biden administration has not been shy about their disdain for ‘fossil fuels’ and the American people are feeling the effects.

In June, the average gasoline price surged to over $5 per gallon, while the Biden administration continued to block oil and gas production on federal lands.

Now, Richard Glick wants to block natural gas pipelines as prices for that fuel hit 14-year highs and that’s before Americans turn on the heat in their homes.

The high-level nominations coming from the White House have been a disaster for American energy workers and consumers.

If Richard Glick’s nomination is not blocked by the U.S. Senate this fall, Americans can expect to see an even more aggressive push by these little-known government agencies, which harness way too much power in name of ‘climate change’ with disdain for the American consumer.

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