How Govt. Attacks On Agriculture Are Worsening Famine, Inflation

sri lanka protest

Joseph Arthur of TNT Radio and author Ron Barmby, a regular Climate Change Dispatch contributor, discuss how government dictates to reduce or eliminate nitrogen-based agricultural fertilizers run counter to their stated goal of reducing greenhouse gases.

These policies also worsen hunger and inflation and lead to uprisings as recently seen in Sri Lanka (pictured) and the Netherlands (and growing).

Barmby also points out how the same governments have policies to promote replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen, which will result in more smog-producing nitrous oxides, the same pollutant their fertilizer bans are designed to eliminate.

Listen to Joe and Ron at Ron Barmby on Joseph Arthur & his Technicolor Dreamcast – 09 August 2022 | TNT Radio (podbean.com).

Ron Barmby is the author of Sunlight on Climate Change: A Heretic’s Guide to Global Climate Hysteria (AmazonBarnes & Noble), which explains in layman’s terms the science of how natural and human-caused global warming work.

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