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Temecula, CA, Aug. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Warming Solutions, Inc., (OTC: GWSO), in the quest to find new, innovative, and more efficient, low-cost, flexible, and reliable solutions to provide zero carbon emission energy, is ready to start developing its latest revolutionary and transformative technology, a technology that combines the finished Hybrid Electrochemical System (commonly known as Hydrogen Battery or HES) manufactured by AQST, Inc. USA with the new Ocean Current Energy Device System. An integrated solution designed to expand possibilities and create new opportunities to produce reliable and efficient 100% clean energy, without affecting the environment and aesthetic of the location to be operated.

This new GWSO technology to be developed and manufactured by AQST consist of a device designed to harness the natural, constant, and predictable movement of ocean currents or better known as a hydrokinetic energy and integrated with the GWSO Hybrid Electrochemical System or Hydrogen battery. This new solution will provide 95% reliable, constant, and high-quality energy under almost any type of weather, environmental or operational conditions. The system has been designed with redundancies and 100% Zero carbon emission auxiliary systems to operate non-stop 7/24/365. And produce energy at costs under 8 cents per kWh.


The Ocean Current Energy is one of the ways to produce Renewable Ocean Energy with the potential to contribute to reducing global carbon emissions from fossil fuels by 500 million tons by 2050, according to the GAO report of June 2021. In addition, this technology, combined with our Hybrid Electrochemical System (HES), will provide a resilient and efficient utility-scale energy source for coastline states, communities, islands, offshore operations, and isolated communities that may not have access to reliable electricity sources. Or they are experiencing extreme weather conditions during the past years caused by global warming. States like California, which are experiencing extreme weather conditions causing severe drought, where the use of water to produce energy using power plants to support other renewable energy sources is becoming a massive challenge for the state’s future economic development. Or islands like Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands, where the constant threats of giant storms and the insanely high costs of electricity put at test every year their resilience capacity, economic development, and quality of life of their citizens.


The GWSO LOSIRE solution combines three sources of energy in one solution to guarantee 95%+ reliability and high-quality power.

GWSO LOSIRE solution combines:

  1. Ocean Current Energy to produce electricity using ocean currents hydrokinetic energy
  2. Multiple banks of our patented Hybrid Electrochemical System (HES) to produce electricity using non-conventional and highly efficient advanced sodium battery technology.
  3. Internal combustion generators running 100% on hydrogen produced by our Hybrid Electrochemical System to sequentially recharge batteries.

Our system is designed to be fully auto-sustainable, resilient and low-maintenance to guarantee long period of operations with minimum resources and human intervention.

GWSO LOSIRE solution differentiators over other Renewable Ocean Energies

Energy production: Different from Wave and Tidal ways to produce energy, Ocean Current Energy generates stable, reliable, efficient, and low-cost energy. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The energy production is not affected by storms or periods of almost zero water movement.

Operations: Our ocean current energy system will operate between at a depth of 200- 300FT, eliminating the risk with commercial vessels, and human interaction. Working at those depths, the impact of hurricanes, tsunamis and other natural disasters are almost neglected. The equipment is 100% encapsulated and sealed avoiding in 100% any contact of water with the equipment. To protect sea life, we will integrate mesh and devices to keep sea life away from the impellers. In addition, the impellers will operate at low speed. Speeds that in an average will not exceed 7-10 Knts avoiding that smaller species could be affected. And the cable to connect each generator with land PowerStation will be securely attached to the bottom of the sea. Different from ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)- LOSIRE doesn’t requires massive amount of resources to operate complex devices in a marine harsh environment founded above the surface and at very large depths.

Costs:  The estimated costs per kWh should not exceed 7-8 cents. The cost of maintenance will be reduced using advanced materials, surface treatment technics to eliminate the use of chemicals over surfaces, and 3D printing technologies to maximize the use of special tools that reduce downtimes and costs of maintenance. As well as devices to facilitate the maintenance operations using minimum time and resources. All these new technologies, in addition to advanced sensors connected using IoT, will allow each unit to operate almost autonomously using AI and provide critical data to keep the equipment in optimal conditions using Reliability Center Maintenance (RCM) Programs to predict failures and better calculate the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of all rotational and Power Station systems. None of the Oscillating Water Column (OWC) used for tidal and wave energies and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) can generate electricity at a low cost. They all require a large number of resources for maintenance, operations, and overhauls. Conversely, for GWSO LOSIRE system, we are integrating the most advanced technologies, materials, technics, and practices to supply an affordable cost-efficient system capable of competing with the lowest energy sources in operation today.

Risks: Based on the information previously described the risks to people, environment, sea life and failures are mitigated to the minimum or zero.

Aesthetics:  GWSO LOSIRE solution is 100% compatible with the environment and aesthetics of the locations to be installed, built, and operated. No structures, buoys, or other devices change the area’s use, view, and operation until 200FT depth. (At 200FT, only professional dividers or very sophisticated vehicles could have any interaction with the ocean current energy systems. The PowerStation will be built on the coast as two buildings (one for battery banks and the other for Gas Insulated Substation) with no windows and with noise reduction systems for when the hydrogen generators are activated.

“To know that we will have our prototype battery delivered in approximately one month makes us extremely confident to start on our next project. We look forward to working with such great minds who are committed to creating green technologies.” Michael Pollastro President Global Warming Solutions, Inc.

Michael Pollastro
Global Warming Solutions Inc.

To learn more about Global Warming Solutions, Inc. Visit: http://www.gwsogroup.com

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