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Here Is Why Reducing Carbon Footprint Must Be A Priority For Everyone –

Around heads of 120 countries all over the world met at the Conference Of Parties (COP) 26 convened by the UK and Italy in Glasgow. The agenda of this annual event was to sit, discuss and review how the climate is managed. 

Conference Of Parties Xinhua

The main point that epitomized the entire event is ‘Reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and keep global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius.’ 

PM Modi addressing the conference, pledged India to be carbon neutral by 2070 and urged the developed nations to play a vital role rather than looking toward developing nations like India for action.

The term ‘Carbon Footprint’ has been very widely used in the recent past; even in major multilateral meetings like G7 and G20, the issue is being taken up. But what does it mean? Carbon footprint describes the number of greenhouse gases (GHG) that a person, thing, business, or organization directly or indirectly emits.

Whilst it is a universal truth that carbon emissions threaten development everywhere; therefore, we must look into the causes of the problem. 

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Carbon emissions are the result of human activities when more gas is released than natural processes could absorb it. Changes in land-use patterns, burning of fossil fuels, use of agri-products that produce nitrous oxide, oil spills in the seas or oceans, ongoing wars, etc., add to the global increase in carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, all climate indicators are set to break records, cuing the coming of storms, deluges, droughts, wildfires, epidemics, ever-high temperatures, etc.  It’s clearly visible the damage that we’ve already done to our planet. 

Recently, IPCC published its 6th report stating – Global net anthropogenic GHG emissions in 2019 totaled 59 Gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (GtCO2e), which is a 54 percent increase from 1990- just another facet of the aggravated situation.

Way forward 

Though much is said and less is done to all, it’s high time. It’s time to take some concrete actions because we can’t afford to leave a deteriorated and hollow earth for the unseen generations. It’s time for the UN to come out with a defining plan. We need a feasible solution to the problem. 

Cutting the use of fossil fuels entirely is not the solution nor affordable. Rather than cutting entirely on fossil fuel, it should be replaced with renewables-based energy transition but at a higher pace. 

Yes, there are other ways to address the situation besides renewable energy. Reversing land degradation and deforestation are just two examples of nature-based remedies that are crucial. The same is true of efforts to improve energy efficiency. However, our goal must be to quickly adopt renewable energy.

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Five uncomplicated but impactful steps as guided by UN president Antonio Gueteress to reduce the carbon footprint in a reasonable span and effectively 

It’s necessary to remove intellectual property restrictions that prevent the transfer of technology and make renewable technology a worldwide public good.

Allowing expansion of access to global supply chains for the technologies, components, and raw materials used in renewable energy sources. Clearly, we need a global coalition.

There is a need to remove the culture of restrictions that slows down solar and wind energy initiatives. More push is needed to modernize the electrical grids and expedite approval processes.

In order to safeguard vulnerable populations against energy shocks and finance a just transition to a sustainable future, the world must move energy subsidies away from fossil fuels.

And, we need investment three times as much in renewable energy. This comprises commercial banks, development finance institutions, and multilateral development banks.

Carbon footprint, as challenging as it is, needs to be in the first chapter of the biggest global concerns of the time.

About the author: Amit Singh is the founder of TelioEV- Electric Vehicles charging network provider app. All views/opinions expressed in the article are of the author.


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