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‘Hoaxed’: Aussie’s State Of The Environment Report Is Green Religion

bolt report

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Australians were “hoaxed” this week by Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek when she handed down the State of the Environment report on Tuesday.

Mr. Bolt said the report is not the work of more than 30 independent scientists, as reported by the ABC. [bold, links added]

Many of the authors are actually activists, in fact, aboriginal activists, or storytellers, or curators, or culture warriors,” he said.

“And the authors who are scientists are for the most part not independent. Many are warmists of long-standing, almost all working for the government or government agencies. Not a single skeptical scientist was chosen to contribute to this project.

Mr. Bolt said when looking at who was chosen, it is understood a lot of the report is “not science at all” but a “new green religion, with New Age Aboriginal spirituality”.

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