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Laredo group asks community to join the fight against climate change – KGNS

LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) – As temperatures continue to rise, a local environmental group is asking for the community to help combat climate change one small step at a time.

The heat is on not only in Laredo but all across the globe.

Cities like London and other countries like India are experiencing record-high heat.

Because of the three digits temperatures, people are suffering from heat strokes, fainting, and even succumbing to sweltering conditions.

Sheila Serna from the Rio Grande International Study Center says people should act before the change catches us off guard.

Serna says, “The heat is only going to increase so we’re going to have more extreme weather events, we are going to experience drought, especially here, wildfires are going to occur more.

Serna says the use of water is on the rise from keeping people cool to fighting off fires.

Serna believes that we should be concerned about the current water levels that Laredo uses from the Rio Grande.

“The more we feel heat, the more water we’ll use, and the river is an endangered river, so we’re probably going to deplete it even more”, said Serna.

Serna says some possible factors that could cause this climate change.

“Methane pollution is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and global warming, and it’s mainly from oil and gas activities. And the mechanisms that we use to keep cool like air conditioning is contributing also to the warming of our planet”, said Serna.

However, actions can soon be taken in place to control the situation.

President Joe Biden issued several executive orders that could help fight climate change.

One of these actions is to Help communities across the country build infrastructure that can help against natural disasters, help people that suffer from extreme heat conditions in homes and jobs, and allow clean energy projects to work ASAP.

Serna says everyone can get involved in the fight against climate change including our city leaders.

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