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The Emergency We Face Is Over Energy, Not Climate Change

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Sunday rejected calls for President Joe Biden to declare a climate change emergency, saying instead there is an energy emergency.

“We’ve got an energy emergency right now,” the California Republican said on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. “We need to be producing more American energy, not less.” [bold, links added]

His comments came following those of Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., who was on the program before him and said declaring an emergency would give President Joe Biden more power to restrict the export of crude oil and help the United States “outcompete China.”

“This is the problem in Washington, the problem with Democrats,” McCarthy said. “The thing Ro Khanna did not tell you is when he said he was opposed to sending oil to China, he voted against the ability to temporarily stop that just last week.

Khanna, when given the ability to ask CEOs from the nation’s energy companies last year about exporting oil, instead “asked them if they would promise to produce less oil,” said McCarthy. “If you want your gasoline prices high, that’s exactly what he was requesting of them to do, putting them on the spot.”

This means Khanna is “picking one part over another” when he “talks about going to this ‘Green New Deal,” said McCarthy. “That’s the problem, and that’s what the Biden administration and Democrats are doing.” …

He added that when Americans see the Republicans’ commitment to the country and to putting it back on track, away from Democrat-created inflation, they’ll put into perspective what the Democrats have done “by creating inflation.”

“If a person is paid on a salary, they have just lost an entire month of work for free because of the Biden administration,” said McCarthy.

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