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LETTER: Why aren’t we doing more about global warming? – Saltwire

Having launched into my ninth and presumably final decade, I’ve concluded that we’re not going to do anything decisive about global warming. We’re going to let it happen.

What I’m trying to determine now is why we’ve sidelined the one problem that we need to solve before any other projects can be pursued.

Some say that big industry is intentionally working against the planet, but others believe that we humans are simply incapable of changing course quickly enough to ward off catastrophe.

Of course, industrial corporations are governed by humans to a certain degree, but computerized decision-making plays an increasing role. As any fifth-grade student will tell you, computers only do what we tell them to do. So if the computers are too busy playing with financial equations to bother with planetary survival, they are doing it because that’s what they’ve been instructed to do.

We can’t make the social changes necessary to avert global overheating and the resulting impairment of our communal living conditions unless we set our brains, electronic and human, to work seriously on plotting a way forward. Nobody wants to die young, but we are putting our children and grandchildren in grave danger of exactly that – premature death. And not a peaceful death. . . .

It should be no surprise to anybody that industrial corporations have no conscience. Corporate decisions are almost entirely based on financial profit. Any concerns about the safety or usefulness of a product come far down on the scale of priorities, and no provision has been made to re-order those priorities. I don’t believe we can look to industry to lead us out of our global situation, however dire it may be.

We’ve allowed the corporations to govern our choices and tastes, with the result that now we depend on them to tell us what we need, what we want, and what we place value on. A planet that supports human life has never been one of their priorities.

After all, the planet’s never been placed in this precarious situation before. They manufacture weapons for war, vehicles and household appliances for peacetime, and everything else we may want to make our daily lives more comfortable.

But a clean, healthy planet with conditions favouring plant and animal life – this has never been offered to us as a desirable product. Much of the manufacturing of goods degrades our planet, poisoning our rivers and lakes, polluting the air we breathe and destroying our protective ozone layer.

So, is it us, or is it them? Do our governments have any control over the industrial corporate world, or have we surrendered all our decision-making to the corporate board-rooms?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Unbearably sad and disappointing, perhaps, but interesting just the same.

Ed Healy,


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