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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global Warming: Do Our Children Have a Future? – Daily Kos

Carlson is a master of distraction and incitement.

                 (This article had been in the works for months. I had not wanted to publish it, but I’m now convinced that it’s warranted.)

Scientists some time ago predicted various timelines for when we could no longer reverse the effects of global warming. That time, I fear, appears to have arrived. Climate induced disasters are happening all over the planet. Right now. Not tomorrow or in the distant future. And is worse than even scientists believed it would be.

Unprecedented heatwaves are upon us.

I mention Tucker Carlson, a master of distraction and incitement, because he exemplifies the strategy of not just the Republicans, but of ruling circle mouth pieces throughout history. Their reactionary task is about to get a lot more difficult. They must now distract/disarm the masses while they are simultaneously sending the planet back into the Stone Age and destroying themselves as well as all of us in the process. No amount of wealth they have accumulated will save them or us. While the excellent recent film “Don’t Look Up” parodied the Tucker Carlson type behaviors that would have been employed if a comet was about to strike and end the world, we have a real such tragedy now in progress that threatens human civilization.

“Don’t Look Up” is no Longer a Movie

“Don’t Look Up” has arrived.

The entire planetary economy is driven by and dependent mostly on fossil fuels. The most behind-the-scenes political power rests with these industries. Neither party in America can escape their influence. It also drags down superpowers like China and Russia. No one it seems has done nearly enough to ward off the disaster. Parts of Europe have at least begun the task.

It won’t be long before the world’s fragile food supply is threatened, and economies crash with resulting chaos and wars breaking out. I’d like to think that we can somehow pull a rabbit out of a hat, but even a rapid climate change over will take decades before a return to stability.

Will We Save Ourselves?

Mother Earth is in our hands.

Does anyone doubt that the fossil fuel industries have been well aware of the impending disasters too much greenhouse gases would cause for decades? And have done worse than nothing to mitigate what’s now happening. It’s akin to what the cigarette companies covered up about their product causing cancer, only one on steroids. Does anyone doubt that they will continue to discredit/silence any leaders who attempts to spread the alarm?

I’m convinced that if decades ago the wealthy nations of the world had set aside significant resources to find solutions to the problem, we might have found one or more ways to tackle the problem. But this has not, of course, been the case. 

Mother Earth has long ago sounded the warning, although most leaders of the world have remained silent. Biden seems about to issue a climate crisis national declaration of some sorts. That at least is a start. We along with Russia are the two biggest producers of greenhouse gases and currently don’t even talk to each other. With the later intent on waging a despotic war against the Ukraine and selling their dictatorship with strategies very similar to those employed by the Republicans. This must change.

What Will Wake us Up?

Biden hopefully will address the nation on the global warming threat.

What will wake up our country and the rest of the world? Biden can declare a national emergency and use the equivalent of war powers on industry if they do not come to their senses. How the Republicans react may also impact the fall midterms. Will they mock him and deny the threat? Their politics have consistently been to oppose anything he says or tries. Biden can also take the problem to the U.N. in a much more serious and committed way. They’ve already done work in this area I believe. How serious and how much political capital Biden will commit to the problem remains to be seen.

Temperature reached well over 100 degrees in Paris this week.

The cost will also not be popular, and the oil industry will no doubt use their power and influence to downplay the dangers, but the alternative of being weak in this area is much worse. And as of yet, the only idea I’ve heard that has even a remote chance of working is launching some kind of huge satellite that would reduce the energy that we receive from the sun. There may be other ideas, perhaps a way to consume very large amounts of co2, like massive growing of plants that are known to have large appetites for it. In any case, it must become a global priority.

I realize that all countries may not be affected equally at first, but all eventually all will be laid waste if nothing is done. Someone must start the ball rolling and time is not on our side.



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How will the Republicans react to Biden’s crisis announcements on global warming?

1 – They will at best remain silent.

2 – They will try to use any steps Biden takes against him. Their Republicans after all.

3 – Depends on how strong or weak his statements are.

4 – They will accuse him of politicizing the problem.

5 – They will appear to be supportive, but actually work to undermine him.

6 – Call it fake news.

7 – None of the above.


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