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Regarding the July 21 Voters Guide published by the Post-Dispatch and the League of Women Voters: I was especially interested to see which of the Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate and House mentioned global warming or climate change as a concern. Not one of them listed it as one of their top legislative priorities. Of the Senate candidates, only Jewel Kelly said she wanted to “take care of our planet.”

Of all the Democrats running for House seats, only Michael Howard said we had to end our dependence on fossil fuels, but he did not mention global warming. I would expect Republican candidates to be unconcerned, but I was perhaps naively hoping that at least a few of the Democratic candidates would be bold enough to list global warming as a priority.

Except for Jewel Kelly, shame on all the Senate candidates. I hope their children will remember that they seem not to care about their future or the future of Earth and all the living things on it.

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Jim Rhodes • Webster Groves


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