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Jeremy Clarkson announces death of ‘big pig’ and declares that global warming is ‘over’ after UK heatwave – Yahoo News

Jeremy Clarkson has announced that his “big pig” has died as a result of the UK heatwave.

The TV presenter runs a 1000-acre site in Chipping Norton – a project documented in the Amazon Prime series, Clarkson’s Farm.

On Wednesday (20 July), he shared with social media followers that one of his farm animals had died after the recent heatwave that saw UK temperatures hit 40ºC for the first time in recorded history.

“Thankfully, the global warming is now over but tragically, its brief visit took the life of my big pig. RIP pig,” he wrote on Twitter, also inferring that global warming had ended after the days of unusually hot weather.

The former Top Gear host faced backlash earlier this week after posting a tweet about the extreme weather conditions in UK, comparing the warnings to the lack thereof in France.

“It’s very hot in the south of France but so far as I know, there’s no DefCon 8 level 3 killer death heatwave warning in place,” Clarkson wrote.

Clarkson’s followers have been sympathetic over the death of his pig, while reminding him that global warming is an ongoing issue.

“Jeremy mate, I’m pretty sure global warming is still here,” one follower wrote.

However, others noted that Clarkson was likely making light of the climate crisis and nodding towards the earlier responses to his opinion on the global warming conversation.

“Good joke. Bet the people who lost their homes to fires are laughing their heads off,” one unimpressed person remarked.


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