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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Letter: Climate change has been happening for eons – Chico Enterprise-Record

I call it Chemo Brain. Just because I am old and slow; does not mean I can not read and decipher things.

I shall start by stating the Garden of Eden was lush and green, teaming with life. Today at the confluence of the 4 Rivers of Arabia; nothing but desert … The cows and sheep roamed and grazed on what is now Israel desert. The Jews were led out of Green Egypt to a [ now] desert called Saudi Arabia on a 40-year trek North. You will die in this desert. Global Warming? I would say so. Man caused? Two to 50,000 years ago. Doubt it.

The Fjords of Scotland, Sweden, Finland, ETAL were formed as glaciers melted from ancient times, the fjords were left. Man-made? Petrified forest in Montana of PALM trees. Tough to grow in this climate now; but way back then?

After 40 years teaching students on glaciers, a Boston professor went to Chile to his first glacier. His students marked off the distance it receded and the professor collected samples of plant debri at the front edge of the glacier.  Carbon dating showed age at 5,300 years ago. The plants were of jungle and at 14,000 feet and should not have grown there. Yes global warming but not man made.

— Chuck Jasper, Corning


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