Climate Activists Plan On Wrecking The Congressional Baseball Game

congressional baseball game

If you live in Washington, D.C., and wanted to take a break from all the political noise by going to Nationals Park, I have some bad news for you.

Climate activists want you to be as miserable as they are and will remind you about it at this year’s game. [bold, links added]

A collection of activists, under the banner of “Now or Never,” plan on disrupting the game on July 28 to pressure Democratic lawmakers in Congress to pass a climate reconciliation bill.

“On July 28th, we will converge en masse on the Congressional Baseball Game,” their website says. “If our politicians have failed to deliver, we will shut it down.

The Congressional Baseball Game is the one day in D.C. whereby Republicans and Democrats can come together and relax.

Apolitical people who want cheap $15 tickets to see our nation’s politicians playing ball together also attend.

It’s an event that everyone can get behind unless your preferred social outing is a collective meltdown over perceived impending doom.

Hysterical actions don’t get policy across. However, it is a great way to rally your members behind a cause they already supported.

Now or Never stated it is willing to “risk arrest,” which likely means protesters will try to outright stop the game by standing on the field.

Threatening to harass members of Congress in broad daylight in front of Capitol Hill staffers, journalists, and everyday people does not win over hearts and minds.

Why would staffers dedicate their lives to passing legislation for activists who harassed and threatened their bosses?

Climate activists across the United States and Europe continue to engage in activities that hurt the movement to tackle climate change.

Activists blocked D.C. beltway traffic on July 4 and risked a man on parole losing his job.

Protesters in the United Kingdom glued themselves to Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and sprayed “no new oil” on the wall. That’s not productive behavior. It’s disruptive.

Yet these activists would smile and nod at being called disruptive because that is their goal. It’s a horrible miscalculation of political strategy for an issue they deem an existential threat to life.

Progressive climate activists also protest against policies that are effective at tackling climate change but go against their preferred policy prescriptions.

Greenpeace came out against the European Union’s decision to label nuclear power as green energy despite nuclear energy being one of the safest forms of alternative energy.

Climate activists can try to disrupt the Congressional Baseball Game. In fact, I say go for it and show the very people you are trying to sway just how unserious you are.

America’s politicians should not give in to progressives who wish to continue policies that have created rising gas and energy prices across the nation.

We need commonsense climate action, not performative activists who wish to bring the rest of America down in their sorrow.

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