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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

Month: July 2022

Ten Ways Methane Gas Companies Are Misleading the Public – Environment Maine

Written by Environment America clean energy intern Emily McCabe   Methane gas is a fossil fuel that pollutes our air and poses risks to public health. But you wouldn’t know it from the way the gas industry portrays it. What…

McKinney Fire Burns 51,000 Acres in California

A fast-growing wildfire fueled by strong winds from thunderstorms and high temperatures in Northern California has grown to more than 51,000 acres in two days, becoming the state’s largest wildfire so far this year and forcing evacuations in rural neighborhoods….

Labor’s climate bill is mostly symbolic – the big questions are about what comes next | Adam Morton

Last week was a big deal for anyone who cares about faltering efforts to live up to the Paris agreement and tackle the climate crisis. It’s possible that it will come to be seen as something of a landmark. The…

How can scientists tie extreme heat waves to global warming? An expert explains. –

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Two decades ago, climate scientists hesitated to tie individual weather events to global warming. The data was too scarce and tying the two together proved an insurmountable challenge. Dr. Noah Diffenbaugh, a professor and senior fellow…

‘Agrivoltaic farming’ is beating global warming—solar panels are saving crops – ThePrint

As temperatures soar to record levels and wildfires rage around the world, the need to meet net zero targets has never been more urgent. At the same time, increasing climate resilience across food systems will be needed to counter rising…

Researchers Find Out How to Better Estimate Soot’s Role in Global Warming – Gilmore Health News

Climate-change models for gauging the effects of black carbon (or soot) from sources including motor vehicles and wildfires, often fall short in terms of accuracy. Observations in new research on soot from wildfire smoke should help to make more accurate…

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