Biden Climate Advisor Is Tickled Pink About Fossil-Fuel Job Losses


One of Joe Biden’s senior advisors bragged this week about how the administration’s forced transition to green energy is causing people working in the fossil fuels industry to lose their jobs.

Speaking from the Aspen Ideas Festival, Biden’s climate advisor Gina McCarthy stated [bold, links added]:

“We have opportunities now to transfer to clean energy in a way that grows thousands of jobs. We just had a recent report that is showing that all of the energy and the employment stats from last year. Clean energy is winning. Fossil fuels losing jobs.


McCarthy is referring to a Department of Energy (DOE) report that reveals American oil producers lost more than 31,000 jobs last year, while American coal producers lost over 7,000 jobs.

McCarthy bragged that jobs had been created in green energy sectors, without explaining that those sectors fulfill less than 20 percent of the country’s energy needs. [That includes hydropower and geothermal. Solar and wind make up less than 5%. —CCD ed.]

McCarthy previously called for anyone criticizing the green energy transition to be silenced and censored.

The administration has spent two years trying to “end” the fossil fuel sector and is openly bragging about it, meanwhile, Biden is threatening oil companies in an effort to try to get them to produce more.

Independent Petroleum Association of America spokesperson Jennifer Marsteller reacted to the DOE report by saying, “it is not only reflective of the broader pandemic slowdown but also highlights an Administration that has worked overtime on restricting American natural gas and oil production.

Meanwhile, in the midst of a supply chain crisis, Biden’s climate czar John Kerry is pushing for ‘green shipping’, the infrastructure for which also does not even exist.

Kerry made the comments at a conference in Portugal. Presumably, he got there on a private jet as per usual.

Kerry has also previously called the loss of jobs in the fossil fuels energy sector a necessary ‘sacrifice’:

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