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After Arrest, Climate Activist Goes On Rant That Jailhouse Food Wasn’t Vegan

Blockade Australia protest

A vegan climate activist who was arrested during this week’s Blockade Australia protests has shared a lengthy rant on social media where she complained about being fed a cheese sandwich.

The protester, who goes by Holly Eckells on Facebook, was one of ten people arrested and taken to Surry Hills Police Station after the group of demonstrators marched through the Sydney CBD in an attempt to halt peak hour traffic. [bold, links added]

The 24-year-old complained on Tuesday about the conditions she experienced in custody after she was released under strict bail conditions.

“Just an FYI to the Surry Hills Police Station that dry cereal and fruit is not food and that a cheese sandwich is not vegan,” she wrote at the bottom of her lengthy rant.

“Get some real food pls, thanks. Also like, a book would be nice.”

The protester said she was arrested with four others after 30 minutes “of moving through the streets and shortly before we dispersed”.

“This was fine for me. I knew I was risking arrest and prepared for that eventuality,” she wrote.

The 24-year-old said that while she had been arrested before, she was not prepared to be refused bail and locked up in police custody for 29 hours.

“About half of that time was spent in what was essentially a see-through box which looked out on the custody desk and gave me enough room to lie flat with my head pressed against one wall and my feet against another,” she said.

“The other half was spent in a cell with constant cold air blowing and thin blankets.

“I’m not saying this to complain or scare people. I’m fine. I have no lasting damage. But I am angry. This is how people who stand up for our planet and all life are being treated in this country.”

The activist, who said she was now subject to strict bail conditions before her court appearance in three weeks, vowed to be back out there “pushing for change”.

“Right now I’m going to take a rest, eat ice cream in bed and probably cry a lot.

“Then I’ll be back out there. Because pushing for change is really all we can do and uniting for a better world is the biggest act of resistance we can take.

“Break the system, don’t let it break you. See you on the streets.”

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