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My last global warming column? | Columns | – Logan Daily News

I don’t know why Steve Saines wants to keep this global warming “debate” going. He brings nothing to the table that is new or groundbreaking. I have been reading and studying global warming since it was invented more than 40 years ago. In its beginnings, I believed lock, stock and barrel in the theory for a few years. I was a dyed in the wool warmista. I even wondered what I could do personally to reverse this terrible catastrophe that was going to end the world as I knew it. It all seemed so final to me. No hope was given for survival to earth’s inhabitants if carbon dioxide was not reduced.

Then, a momentous happening! I started to read about the theory of global warming. Not from the proponents, but from other scientists who had opposite and, to me, less frenetic views. These other scientists had a seemingly calmer view on whether a trace element (less than 412.5 parts per million, or 0.0423%) in our atmosphere could cause such a catastrophic event to come about.

Carbon dioxide was, and is, bandied about as if it were the biggest demon on the face of the earth. In truth, it is one of the most valuable of gases and contributes hugely to a better life for us earthlings. It is also but one of many global warming gases and solids in the atmosphere. Top among them are water vapor and dust. And, don’t forget the big, bright object outside our atmosphere, the sun! Proponents of this group even tried to get carbon dioxide labeled as a toxic gas! If that were true, we’d all be dead by now. And without any warming.

A few facts before I shut my pie-hole and fade into nothingness. The earth’s temperature has been rising somewhat unsteadily for over 140 years. In total, it has risen about 1.14 degrees C. That comes to an increase of about 0.008 degrees C. per year since then. Hardly enough to cause catastrophic consequences. I’ll bet that life on earth has evolved enough to withstand that humongous rise without all life keeling over dead.

In spite of all the catastrophic predictions, a warmer earth actually saves lives. The medical journal, The Lancet, reports that worldwide, cold kills about 17 times more people than heat does. A group of 22 scientists studied over 74 million deaths in the U.S., China, Brazil, and ten other countries. The findings showed that cold caused 7.29% of the deaths while heat caused 0.42%.

The international Disaster Database Reports that the number of people killed by natural disasters has actually declined by over 80% since the 1920’s even though the world’s population has quadrupled since then. In spite of “global warming,” the number of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, droughts, has actually been sharply declining over these warming years. It just appears to be the opposite because every hot day is treated as if it something terribly unusual by the various media and proponents of the disaster crowd. They report weather as if it is climate.

Don’t believe these words of mine. Instead, go to the various agencies that track all this data and read the figures for yourself. You’ll then see how a dyed-in-the-wool warmista became a doubting Thomas. Whether the small amount of warming that has actually occurred over the years is natural or anthropogenic, or both, it’s truly not enough to break the economies of the entire world in a vain attempt to correct a non-disaster.

A climatologist, Patrick J. Michaels, calculated that if the U.S. eliminated all carbon emissions, such as giving up all fossil fuels, it might reduce global warming by a mere 0.052 C by 2050. In my humble opinion, and other real scientists, global warming at the rate it may be happening, is a long, long way from being a catastrophic disaster.

I’m not so egotistical as to think that my words and well-founded beliefs will ever change another person’s mind about this subject. All I ask is for them to put aside their weapons of mass destruction aimed at people such as me who are on the opposite side of the so-called “debate.” Believe me, there is ALWAYS another side to any theory. However, killing the messenger seems to be easier than listening.

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