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NYT Op-Ed Uses High Inflation To Push Extreme Green Agenda

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Nothing shocks me anymore. I wish I could say this opinion piece in The New York Times is outlandish, but that’s just a day that ends in “y” here. High inflation is a tax increase. It’s killing working families.

It’s torching people’s wallets. It’s nuking the home budgets of fixed-income seniors. For most, this isn’t a good thing. Even hard-core Biden supporters know this is a 2022 midterm issue. [bold, links added]

Environmentalists view this as an opportune time to lecture us about how this is good for the planet because of the phantom threat of climate change.

No, I’m not kidding (via NYT):

The foods that go into Americans’ bag lunches and onto dinner plates cost 10.8 percent more today than they did this time last year. But inflation has not struck every section of the grocery store at the same rate: The price of animal products is surging.

Meat, poultry, fish and eggs now cost 14.3 percent more than they did a year ago. For a country that consumes about 274 pounds of meat per person per year, that has been a particularly bruising economic reality. If the current rate of food inflation holds and Americans don’t change their meat consumption habits, they will spend roughly $20 billion more on meat, poultry, fish and eggs over the next year than they did in 2020.

Inflation has the potential to drive welcome change for the planet if Americans think differently about the way they eat. While hunger and food insecurity are a very real problem in the United States and globally, middle- and upper-class Americans still have more choices at the grocery store than perhaps any food shoppers in history. Climate change has motivated some to eat less resource-intensive meat and more vegetables, grains and legumes, but this movement has not reached the scale necessary to bring needed change — yet.

This is why no one can stand these green freaks. It’s why their agenda goes nowhere. People can’t eat. Mothers can’t find the baby formula to feed their kids.

No one with hungry families, shrinking purchasing power, and mounting bills cares about green-friendly diets and how inflation is making that more appealing supposedly. This isn’t a good thing, guys.

Then again, these folks want whole swaths of people to die because besides controlling the means of production—these people are also about population control no matter the cost. 

Not eating meat is such a first-world luxury by the way. Most cannot survive not eating meat—another point these vegetarian/vegan terrorists don’t get.

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