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Are We Asking The Right Questions About Climate Change?

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In two recent TNT Radio interviews with Ron Barmby, author of Sunlight on Climate Change: A Heretic’s Guide to Global Climate Hysteriaand a featured Climate Change Dispatch writer, he suggests that we have become bogged down in the wrong debate.

In the cultural battlefield that includes the polarized climate-change debate, we should pause to consider if we are even asking the relevant questions.

The Earth is Not a Greenhouse

On Deprogram with Michael Parker (May 26), the host asked Barmby if we are in a ‘climate crisis‘ and his answer, “No”, was an eye-opener. Barmby goes on to explain his reasoning.

A professional engineer who holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Barmby easily explains the only commonality between greenhouse and the greenhouse-gas effect is the word greenhouse.

Once you shift the question and ask how the physics of a greenhouse-gas work, it becomes apparent that there is a limit to the global warming allegedly caused by carbon dioxide. Barmby says it is easy to calculate that limit and it’s not a crisis.

Stop Terrorizing The Children

Barmby also joined Joseph Arthur and His Technicolor Dreamcast (June 4) where it was pointed out that most people believe there is a ‘climate crisis’ because of the media and political indoctrination.

Arthur wanted to know how to get people to talk about climate-change physics rationally without losing friendships.

Barmby discusses his approach and how the current indoctrination is only scaring children (and a good number of adults). Both sides should agree to stop terrorizing kids.

Then we can discuss how decarbonization policies won’t affect the climate but will rob our youngest of future opportunities and prosperity.

Rather than a counterattack to undo a generational and global indoctrination based on fear, it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Barmby ( has come up with his own definition of heretic that is well suited to an engineer immersed in the climate debate. He says he is not a denier because he is not rejecting what has been proven; he is a heretic because he is questioning what has NOT been proven but has become a matter of faith. You can purchase Sunlight on Climate Change: A Heretic’s Guide to Global Climate Hysteria” at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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