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Three New Studies Show Gulf Stream Tipping Point Unrealistic


Two days ago we reported on the most recent video by the German Klimaschau here, which reported there are a number of newly published papers showing that the AMOC is not weakening, thus contradicting what some climate alarmists claim.

These alarmists often rely on cherry-picked data and hope the media will do the rest. [bold, links added]

Another paper featured in the video is one that appeared in the journal Geophysical Research Letters: “On Timescales and Reversibility of the Ocean’s Response to Enhanced Greenland Ice Sheet Melting in Comprehensive Climate Models,” authored by Martin et al (2022).

In this publication the team of authors stated:

Even significantly enhanced FW (freshwater) input from GrIS at a magnitude to be roughly expected by the end of the 21st century is not necessarily a tipping point in climate change—AMOC weakening and associated surface cooling reverse to control state within a couple of decades after ceasing of the perturbation, which is about the timescale of their initial response to the FW release.”

In fact, many scientists have doubts there will be ice melts at the magnitudes being projected by alarmist scientists, let alone a tipping point if they did indeed occur.

Tipping Points To Be Viewed With Caution

Another paper just appeared in the journal Nature Climate Change titled “Freshwater forcing of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation revisitedby Feng He and Peter U. Clark (2022).

They found there has been no weakening of the AMOC and that no tipping point is in sight. The authors found “a muted AMOC response to freshwater forcing in the early-to-middle Holocene ~11,700–6,000 years ago”.

The magnitude of freshwater melt over the rest of the current century is projected to be only a tiny fraction of what occurred 12,000 years ago, and so no tipping point can be realistically expected by 2100.

No wonder the authors added: “Any simulated AMOC changes from freshwater forcing should be viewed with caution.”

New Study: Warmer Tibetan Plateau Enhances The AMOC

Finally, in yet another new publication by Wen et al (2022), “Possible Thermal Effect of Tibetan Plateau on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation“, the authors found that the warming of the Tibetan Plateau:

“…can immediately generate anticyclone in the subtropical North Atlantic, leading to more water vapor transporting from the North Atlantic to eastern tropical Pacific. This results in less precipitation over the North Atlantic and increases the sea surface salinity. The latter enhances the deep-water formation in the subpolar North Atlantic and thus the AMOC.”

All these findings, and those we reported on two days ago, are highly inconvenient for the purveyors of panic climate science.

Real science tells that the media, governments, and alarmist “climate scientists” are making mountains of molehills. Their target obviously is to spread panic about something that isn’t real.

Climate change is not a crisis today. It’s nature as usual.

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