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Letter: Pitch in to fight climate change – The Columbian

Northwesterners are no strangers to heavy rainfall. Heavy is one thing; insane is another. The World Weather Attribution group and other equally expert scientists have now advanced attribution science to allow confident identification of global warming fingerprints on events such as the South African floods (and the California fires, like the one in my town this week).

This shuts down one of the more recent climate deniers’ claims that the cause of any particular extreme weather event is not knowable. The hope was that this new focus of doubt would continue to hobble activism and paralyze legislative action. No longer. When extreme rainfall events double, that means half of them are climate-caused. One is therefore correct in attributing half the costs to global warming: this one South African incident cost 400 lives and $1.5 billion.

It’s long past time to get serious about federal legislation to address the climate, and carbon-fee-and-dividend is by far the most powerful single tool to cut emissions without causing economic disarray. Become a climate activist — find a group (CCL is my favorite) and pitch in.


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