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The Climate Scaremongers: BBC’s Bogus Antarctic Heatwave Scare

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The following is excerpted from Paul Homewood’s weekly roundup of the climate doomsters. Homewood shows how the BBC is falsely claiming that Antarctica is warming at three times the global average. –CCD Ed.

This month’s BBC Climate Check focuses on the Antarctic. [bold, links added]

According to the BBC’s spiel:

‘As the planet warms, one of the biggest challenges Antarctica faces is climate change.

‘BBC Weather’s Sarah Keith-Lucas explains how rising temperatures are affecting the frozen continent.’

Keith-Lucas starts by falsely claiming that the region is warming at three times the global average.

In fact, scientific studies have shown that most of the continent has been getting colder, not warmer.

Even the Antarctic Peninsula, which went through a warming spell at the end of the 20th century, has not gotten any warmer since 1998. These inconvenient facts rather undermine the rest of her video!

She goes on to report on one day of slightly less cold weather in March, which was the result of an ‘atmospheric river’, an intrusion of mild, damp air from Australia.

Although this was clearly a meteorological event, Keith-Lucas dishonestly conflates it with global warming.

She says ‘scientists agree’ that global warming is making Antarctic heatwaves more common and severe.

As we know, there are plenty of junk climate scientists who will say things like this for media attention, but the data says otherwise.

For instance, at the Amundsen-Scott Base at the South Pole, there is no evidence of daily temperatures going through the roof. Indeed the warmest day was in 1984 if you can describe minus 13.9C as ‘warm’.

Despite that atmospheric river, temperatures this March for the month as a whole at the South Pole were below average, and the lowest since 2014.

Naturally, Keith-Lucas conjures up visions of melting ice caps and sea-level rise.

What she does not tell viewers is that the Antarctic icecap has actually been growing since we began to measure it, and sea ice is also on an increasing trend.

Once again, the BBC Climate Check has little to do with ‘facts’: it is merely propaganda.

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