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Letter to the editor: Global warming vs. human civilization – Canton Repository

Global warming is a real problem and a serious issue, but there is really not much that anyone can do about it. Within the United States, many are pushing for a reduction of fossil fuels, but in such a way that can only give aid and comfort to their political opponents.

We might define “extremism” as that which makes your own side look stupid, and strengthens your opponents. Of course there is plenty of stupidity on all sides.

A case in point is the Keystone XL pipeline. Opponents of this pipeline say it would only help other countries. But it would help them to avoid subsidizing tyrannical regimes, which threaten us all.

More than 70 years ago, the Berlin Airlift supplied our allies in West Berlin with plenty of coal. Do those who insist “coal is bad” consider it a mistake to stand up to Russia? Is freedom from tyranny not worth the trade-off of a little bit more pollution? First and foremost, our goal should be to protect and defend human civilization. If this means shipping coal to Europe, then so be it.

When Democrats oppose carbon-based energy production, it seems all they succeed in doing is to get more Republicans elected.

For anyone who opposes self-sufficiency within the free world, all they can succeed in doing is to subsidize cruel and vicious governments elsewhere. And those other countries will just pump more pollution into the air, anyhow.

Whatever happened to common sense? So many people have become obsessed over certain issues that they have lost all perspective.

Eric Haubert, Massillon


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