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Biden’s Climate Czar Brags About WH Regs They’re Rolling Out; Threatens Airlines

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White House National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy hit airlines with a thinly-veiled threat Friday, warning of consequences if they don’t follow strict climate regulations.

“Who would’ve thunk that [airlines would] be all in?” McCarthy, President Joe Biden’s top climate adviser, remarked during a speech at Tufts University. “But they better be or they’re gonna be out of here.” [bold, links added]

The White House has pushed policies that would increase sustainable jet fuel by three billion gallons, reducing aviation emissions by 20% by 2030.

McCarthy also said the Biden administration is doubling down on a wide variety of climate regulations, noting the myriad rules on appliances the White House plans to introduce this year.

“The hope that I see today is infectious because we have solutions,” McCarthy said. “We have solutions that can deliver, we’re actually going to do 100 rules this year alone on appliances. Just like you asked, we are developing partnerships on how we work together for new building standards.”

McCarthy added that the Biden administration will continue to push renewable energy alternatives while fighting back against fossil fuel providers.

“Do you ever go through Los Angeles and see these things that look like there’s nothing behind the wall?” she continued. “It’s an oil and gas well. We can do better than that because renewable energy delivers what we need and it delivers it cleanly.”

“We’re upgrading our power grid. You know why? Because we want everybody to have it. That clean electricity needs to get there,” McCarthy said. “We’re building an [electric vehicle] charging network.

The White House adviser concluded her remarks by endorsing the $555 billion climate package backed by left-wing Democrats that was included in Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

While the House passed the massive multi-trillion-dollar legislation in November, Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin effectively killed it weeks later due to its high price tag.

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