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Far-Left Dems Use The Ukraine Crisis To Push Costly Green Energy

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A group of six far-left Senate Democrats introduced a resolution Monday urging the federal government to quickly adopt green energy policies for national security reasons.

The U.S. must transition to green energy “as quickly as possible,” bring an end to alleged price gouging from oil companies and provide assistance to consumers battling high energy prices, according to the Democratic non-binding resolution first reported by The Washington Post. [bold, links added]

“The war in Ukraine has underscored how our dependence on oil fills the coffers of tyrants and dictators like [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, and that a rapid transition to clean and renewable energy is not just necessary for our environment, but critical to our economic and national security,” Democratic Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley, who led the effort Monday, told the Post in a statement.

The resolution stated that “energy efficiency and renewable energy from domestic manufacturers can come online more quickly and reliably than oil and gas production” and ensure energy independence while promoting a clean environment.

The argument echoes recent comments from President Joe Biden, senior administration officials, and several Democratic lawmakers who have argued that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine proves that oil and gas markets are too volatile.

However, the resolution didn’t mention the highly-volatile renewable energy supply chain which has, like traditional energy markets, been disrupted by the Ukraine crisis.

Critical minerals needed for green tech are controlled by hostile foreign powers, including Russia, sending prices through the roof in recent weeks.

China alone controlled about 55% of the world’s rare earth mineral mining capacity and 85% of global mineral refining in 2020, a White House supply chain report from June concluded.

The International Energy Agency has also suggested that there is a “looming mismatch” between critical mineral availability and Western governments’ ambitious green transition plans.

To achieve the European Union’s lofty green new deal plan, the bloc will need to ramp up lithium production by 3,500%, according to a study from Belgian university KU Leuven.

The EU must also substantially boost its supply of nickel, cobalt, and rare earth minerals.

Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Chris Murphy, Cory Booker, Chris Van Hollen, and Richard Blumenthal backed the effort by Merkley on Monday.

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