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Rare Daylight Fireball Appears over Mississippi and Louisiana

Rare Daylight Fireball

On the morning of Wednesday April 27, 2022, the American Meteor Society received reports of a rare daylight fireball occurring over the southern states of Mississippi and Louisiana. It appeared at 8:05 Central Daylight Time and has been reported by 45 witnesses so far. Unfortunately we have not yet received any video or photographic recordings of this event. The computer generated trajectory indicates the fireball entered the atmosphere east of Fayette, MS moving in a east to west direction. The fireball terminated near Anna MS, just a few miles east of the Mississippi River. A witness just a few miles north of the path reported hearing a delayed sonic boom-like sound, indicating that fragments of this fireball may have survived down to the surface of the Earth.

Readers may be surprised that meteors can also be seen during the daylight hours. Just like the moon is visible during the daylight hours, when a meteor exceeds a magnitude of -8 (comparable to the brightness of a half-illuminated moon), it too can be seen by the unaided eye as long as it appears far enough from the sun. The AMS receives an average of one daylight event per month from all over the world. This is far less than one percent of the total events recorded per month.

Did you see it? Report it to the AMS/IMO.

Bottom line: A rare daylight fireball was seen over the states of Mississippi and Louisiana at 8:05am CDT on April 27, 2022.


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