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Mark Ruffalo Calls Ukraine War ‘A Gift’ That Biden Can Use For Green Transition

mark ruffalo

Actor and self-proclaimed “environmental justice” advocate Mark Ruffalo called on President Joe Biden Tuesday to accept the war in Ukraine as “a gift” for making steps toward clean energy production.

Ruffalo promised that he and his clean energy campaign, The Solutions Project, “are going to push him” toward clean energy independence. [bold, links added]

“This is a moment for President Biden to take this — our momentum, people’s fear, their disgust at the war, their disgust with energy prices — and use that to solidify a message to the American people that now is the time to transition, this is where the jobs are, this is where the national security is, and we are going to push him to do it,” Ruffalo said.

“And this is a gift to the president, as we see it. And we see him accepting it in such terms.”

The actor went on to call nuclear energy “very expensive” and “very dangerous.”

“It’s time to unite for #CleanEnergyFreedom,” Ruffalo tweeted on Earth Day last week. “[President Biden] can strengthen national security, lower energy prices, create jobs & avert climate disaster through clean energy independence.”

Ruffalo founded The Solutions Project in 2012. The actor also produced a documentary on a nonprofit law clinic dedicated to lake and river rights that was recently accused of perpetrating a transphobic work culture.

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