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Energy Sec. Wants To Clone California’s Disastrous Green Policies Nationwide

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President Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm — known for laughing when asked what the Biden administration would do to lower gas prices — is now talking about how the whole country should look to California as an example for its plan to eradicate fossil fuels and go fully electric, something that hasn’t gone well in Golden State and few Americans elsewhere want. [bold, links added]

Asked about Los Angeles’ plan to have zero emissions by 2028 and Governor Newsom’s plan for California to only sell electric vehicles by 2035, Secretary Granholm said the state’s goals are “real” and declared “California is on the leading edge of this, clearly.”

The whole country looks to what California is doing,” Granholm continued, though observers across the nation are more likely looking in the same way people can’t look away from a car wreck, rather than in admiration.

Granholm noted that “some people don’t like what California is doing” (no kidding), “but California is really thinking ahead into the future,” she said.

The unaffordable cost of electric vehicles for many Americans aside, for now, a cursory review of how California’s energy “transition” has been going turns up only dystopian examples from what the left calls a “greener” future that’s not too dissimilar from the past that existed before electricity was readily available.

Rolling blackouts have plagued California, especially in the hottest summer months as the state’s energy grid fails to produce enough supply from its alternative sources to meet the demand of its residents.

As a result of California’s going-for-broke embrace of alternative energy, residents are routinely issued “flex alerts” by state energy officials who beg residents to use less power to avoid massive grid failures.

In an example from last summer, California asked its 39 million residents to “set thermostats to 78 degrees or higher,” “avoid using major appliances, like dishwashers and clothes washers and dryers,” and “turn off all unnecessary lights.” How…quaint?

Alternative energy sources have dragged California back to a time when air conditioning wasn’t readily available, oil lamps provided light, and laundry had to be done by beating clothes against boulders in a river.

Ironically, despite Granholm’s bragging about California’s “leading edge” status, California asks its residents — even before conservation alerts are issued — to only use major appliances “earlier in the day, when solar energy is abundant” and to charge electric vehicles in the morning “so there’s no need to do it later, when solar is not available.”

The dependence on alternative power sources, clearly, isn’t working or viable. People getting home from work just aren’t supposed to charge their electric vehicles until the sun is up the following morning?

And if California continues on its plan to have only new electric vehicles in the state, the drain on the state’s grid will only get worse. As rolling blackouts continue, Californians will find their mandated “green” cars are less mobile than Fred Flintstone’s Cavemobile.

And if, as Granholm claims, the nation is looking to California to lead when it comes to the energy “transition” that Granholm and President Biden want to pursue in their goal of ending fossil fuels, why exactly are so many residents fleeing to other freer states where fossil fuels aren’t demonized?

More Californians left their state than any other in the country in the year that ended last July 1 — some 350K+ residents sought better conditions elsewhere.

Most went to Texas, Florida, and Arizona — red states where people are freer and the government isn’t trying to drag residents back to frontier living in the name of “environmental protection.”

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