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The Post says: Climate change morons try to gag free speech – New York Post

Sorry if your Post didn’t get delivered Friday morning: Blame the loons who blockaded our printing plant in the name of combating a “climate emergency” that doesn’t exist.

The protest also disrupted deliveries of The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today — which the Extinction Rebellion nuts claimed was punishment for the publications not being sufficiently hysterical about climate change.

Which tells you how extreme these idiots are, since the Times’ news pages devotedly toe the climate-hysteria line.

Oh, and while the group is officially Extinction Rebellion NYC, most of the 16 arrested are hippies in their ’60s and ’70s who traveled from the likes of Vermont to block the plant exit and stall the trucks from delivering 100,000-plus newspapers.

Their rationale: “The climate and ecological crisis is already here — destroying people’s homes and livelihoods with extreme weather, droughts, and fire — yet governments and corporations, influenced by mass media corporations, are complacent by continuing to ignore the root causes of the crisis and the dire situation humanity is facing.”

That’s demented bull. Global warming is real, but its impact is not remotely immediately disastrous. The world’s top scientists, via the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, confirm that warming will only slightly slow world economic growth through the end of this century.

New York City police officers detain members of environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion.
Police officers detain members of environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion.
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

But even if climate change were a dire threat, this isn’t how to fight it. Stupid stunts (Extinction Rebellion have also blocked busy roads in the UK) and attacking press freedom is just a sure-fire way to turn people against you.

All such “action” does is provide a moralistic buzz to the morons who indulge in it.

For the record, newspapers are highly recyclable. And our parent company, News Corp, is working to reduce its fuel and electricity carbon emissions by 60% by 2030 and be net-zero-carbon by 2050; New Corp achieved a 36% cut just last year.

That’s being environmentally responsible, unlike the privileged trustafarians and geriatric radicals of Extinction Rebellion.


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