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Letter: Juxtaposition puts spotlight on global warming issue – Daily Record-News

To the Editor:

Page 4 of the April 19 issue of the Daily Record has an interesting juxtaposition of commentaries. Along the left side is a reprint of and editorial from the Los Angeles Times about the urgency of addressing global warming. The editorial is an endorsement of ending the use of fossil fuels and doing so very soon.

At the top of the page, to the right of the Los Angeles Times editorial, is a commentary by executives of the Heritage Foundation. The commentary bemoans policies that make gasoline and other fossil fuels more expensive.

If the world wants to address global warming, then fossil fuels must become so expensive that they are used only for very limited purposes. Having cheap gasoline means also having continued global warming.

I speculate that the Heritage Foundation executives are either (1) oblivious to the global warming that is upon us or (2) beholden to the fossil fuel companies that provide funds to the Heritage Foundation.

Bill Stansbery



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