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The Truth About Living With An Electric Car

skoda enyaq ev

Have you ever wondered how truthful electric vehicle (EV) ads are when it comes to range and efficiency in the real world?

Or how different add-ons and accessories can reduce the range of your electric car?

Well, the UK company ‘carwow’ did, and they pulled together this video.

After getting their hands on the EV Skoda Enyaq (pictured), they started putting it through a series of tests to see how its claimed range holds up in different driving scenarios.

They began fairly lightly, with carwow employee Mat Watson driving the car as anyone normally would. He then ups the stakes, driving with everything turned up to the max, including the heaters, wipers, and headlights!

But wait, there’s more! Once he’s undertaken that test, he adds some other equipment to the car, including a ski rack and a roof box, all the way through to towing a caravan!

This is a real-world road test of an EV showing that manufacturers are lying about range and efficiency. Watch the video to learn more.

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