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Alarmists Call For Covid-Style Lockdowns To ‘Punish Putin’ And Ban Energy

switch off putin report

A new report is urging Europe to hurt Putin by imposing COVID lockdown-inspired energy bans on Europeans.

The RePlanet report, being touted by the UK Guardian, is calling for a “ban all business flights, private jets & internal flights,” imposing a ban on “car use within cities” and “reducing heating in buildings,” all the while “fast-tracking solar & wind” power.

The RePlanet report is titled, “Switch Off Putin: Ukraine Energy Solidarity Plan – How we can stop funding Putin’s war machine.” [bold, links added]

“We propose bans on all business flights, private jets, and internal flights within Europe to save oil, and bans also on car use within cities,” the report’s authors said.

“This should be combined with free public transport. While the impacts of this are not easily quantified, we believe this could double the reduction in oil use beyond that proposed by the IEA.”

The report is explicit in its enchantment with COVID lockdowns. “In some ways, the speed of the change will resemble the Covid lockdowns,” the report noted, adding, “as, with Covid lockdowns, social pressure to abide by national restrictions will also play a big part.

The report, which calls for “energy rationing” and claims it will be “rationing via fair shares,” apes the COVID template by stating, “We may need a state of emergency declared.”

The report is open about how COVID lockdowns can be the model for so much of what progressives and government leaders want to impose on society.

The first tool in the tool kit for these European academic activists writing the report is resurrecting the COVID lockdowns.

The report is calling for energy lockdowns to allegedly punish Russian President Vladimir Putin, but in doing so, Europe will deploy self-inflicted punishing energy lockdowns on itself.

The report boldly demands more government intrusion in the lives of Europeans, a massive expansion of a micromanaged economy and society will be achieved by extended energy rationing, strict limits on freedom of mobility, more economic disruption, unemployment, and inflation.

But according to the authors of the report, it will be so worth it because the measures will somehow “switch off Putin.” Europe will commit energy and economic suicide, but it will all be to harm Putin. Take that Putin!

The West has long targeted itself for self-destruction using the climate scare but now the Russian invasion of Ukraine is opening up more opportunities for the West to further self-flagellate itself to achieve its “climate goals.”

The report is music to the ears of the global leaders, World Economic Forum, academia, and the media, who have been desperate to keep the lockdowns humming along.

The report declares that “European economies are now on a war footing in terms of the rapidity of the energy transition.” But a war footing is another phrase for massive oppression of your citizens.

A full return to a managed economy, à la the 1970s, is being demanded in the report, complete with energy restrictions and price caps. “Governments will need to introduce price caps and guaranteed minimum supplies at the household levels,” the report explains.

The “Switch Off Putin” report sounds an awful lot like an energy version of COVID lockdowns.

Instead of opening Europe back up for domestic energy production, they are told to suffer and do with less and are prescribed the same failed lockdown-style policies they endured for COVID.

It is odd how COVID ‘solutions’ also allegedly helped the climate and now the same solutions are being touted to deal with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Let’s simplify this: The proposed ‘solutions’ to climate change, COVID, and now the Russian war are all exactly the same — more lockdowns, hammer the poor and middle class with more restrictions on travel, less freedom, and even more surrendering of power to unelected government regulators.

This “Switch Off Putin” report is serving as Putin’s revenge on the West, allowing the once free West to destroy itself under the false guise of hurting — Putin.

Note: The authors of the “Switch Off Putin” report are Mark Lynas, Rauli Partanen, and Joris van Dorp.

The report’s co-author Mark Lynas is no stranger to extreme climate activism, having once hurled a cream pie in the face of “Skeptical Environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg over his dissenting climate views.

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