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How Climate Change Will Actually Affect The US Food Supply – Tasting Table

Are you ready for the worst news of all? Here it is: Coffee, chocolate, wine, bananas, and avocados could go completely extinct (per Euro News). Okay, maybe bananas and avocados aren’t universally loved (though it’s unclear how we would do banana splits or guacamole without them). Still, coffee, chocolate, and wine … these are the things that get us up in the morning, keep us going through the day, and help us wind down at night. Without those three things, let’s face it, life would be missing a lot.

Even with their legions of fans, we may not be able to save coffee, chocolate, or wine from climate change. According to Euro News, a fungus called “leaf rust” loves hot temperatures and is already wreaking havoc on coffee farms in South America. Meanwhile, the warming climate is slowly causing a contraction in the number of acres suitable for growing coffee — by 2080, available acreage might fall by as much as 65%.

Cacao beans (the primary ingredient of chocolate) are headed towards a similar fate. According to Euro News, even a modest increase in temperatures would significantly reduce the number of cacao-growing areas. As for the problem with wine? Grapes need to be grown in particular conditions. Otherwise, the wine created from them won’t have the characteristic fruity, oaky, or tannic qualities of a specific region. Furthermore, winemaking regions could shrink by up to 56% with just 2 degrees Celcius of warming temperatures.


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