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Stay on track to combat global warming –

Tom Evslin argues that because fossil fuel prices have risen, the Legislature should forgo acting on global warming.

First, it is a bit surprising that Evslin doesn’t identify himself as the founder and former CEO of a natural gas company and even more surprising that VTDigger did not see fit to disclose this clearly relevant tidbit.

Second, Evslin assumes that since gas and other fuel prices have risen, they will remain high. In so doing, he ignores the fact that gasoline prices are currently right around the levels they reached in 2008. In between, of course, prices fell considerably. Energy prices, like all commodities, are volatile, as I’m sure Evslin knows well, having been in the business.

His argument might make sense if markets alone could be counted on to keep prices high enough to discourage consumption and open the field to environmentally superior alternatives that can’t compete when fossil fuels are cheap. That’s precisely why legislative action is required.

Back in 2008, demand for fuel-efficient cars vastly exceeded supply for a few months, creating long wait lists, while SUV owners were struggling to find buyers for their gas hogs. But things changed as soon as market prices fell, and the most popular vehicle in America is currently a gas-guzzling truck.

Legislators should stay on track. We need structural energy policy changes, not a marketplace blip.

John Greenberg



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